How To Avoid A Frightful Website!

How To Avoid A Frightful Website!

Don't let these horrors haunt your website this Halloween. Here are 6 scary things that keep Secret Source awake at night!  
  1. Lack of Security - Does your website have the relevant security?  Does it have the padlock in the top left-hand corner? If not then your website is exposed. Who you gonna call?! Why not call us, and we'll stop the potential sleepless nights you will have if you get compromised
  2. Broken Links - Like ghosts, they creep around unnoticed, most of the time with businesses not knowing they even exist...but they do, they are real!. We conduct audits of websites to help businesses understand what lurks underneath!
  3. Meta Tags - Lack of or the wrong meta tags attached to your site can cause you harm, affecting how you are being found and surfaced by Google. Exorcise and banish meta tags that are not working. We can help you "Exorcise the demons!"
  4. Unsocial - We often find that links to social sites don't work. They have been knocked out or didn't even exist?!  These ghostly links remain in limbo haunting your site and scaring your visitors. Check that they work from time to time. The same is true the other way, make sure links on social feeds go back to your site. 
  5. The Horrors of hosting - Finding out where your website actually is hosted, onshore, offshore on a shared server or in its own environment? Has it been updated in a while? You might as well conduct a séance to find the answer. Ask these questions of your provider. If you find they are as helpful as a vampire during the day, then why not speak to us instead? 
  6. Avoid the Data Graveyard! Capturing data, storing data, are all things that need to be checked to avoid any horrors. Make sure you are not falling foul with your data capture on your site. 
Our job is often to help companies with these horrors (and more) so that business leaders can concentrate on growing their business.  Read some of our other helpful articles we've written or follow us on socials and sleep easy.
Happy Halloween!


Written by Nick Carlson