World Book Day

The Team at Secret Source love a good book! We work above a working library and so books are very much part of our business, literally! The Library staff are amazing people, so passionate about getting people to read and enjoy books. Pre-lockdown, the library would put up inspiring signage every day promoting their books and encouraging people from all ages to read.
Secret Source are constantly writing unique content for clients every day, so the written word is very  important to us. Our team is forever reading and researching content every day and understand the power of good writing. This is why we like to celebrate #worldbookday
So what are 'Secret Source' reading? 


Embrace the ‘Never Normal’


2020 was all about adapting to 'the new normal.' Peter Hinssen encourages meeting the future challenges of the 'never normal' — a reality where change is constantly triggered by 'seismic shocks' like the COVID-19 pandemic. (source: 



Hinssen’s passion for technology and innovation is evident in his recently published fifth book, The Phoenix and the Unicorn: The Why, What and How of Corporate Innovation — which focuses on how traditional businesses can find ways to reinvent themselves.


With the backdrop of the global pandemic and a tough business climate, if you run a business, then we encourage you to read this book, which might just inspire and educate you in becoming the next Phoenix! 





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World Book Day



Written by Nick Carlson