What do you get your CEO for Christmas?

What do you get your CEO for Christmas?


What can you give to the person who already has everything? Secret (Source) Santa think we have the answer. It is not necessarily what you may imagine (socks, wine, golf clubs etc) but things that are a lot more useful. 


We have come up with the Top 5 most impactful presents you could get your boss this Christmas, in reverse order… 


  1. A reduction in their sales and marketing budget 

Shed the pounds into the New Year, without compromising on quality but instead enhancing it. How? By working smarter and investing in the right tools that will pay dividends further down the line. No more fragmented systems, no multiple contracts and no APIs to connect everything up, looking lean and mean to take on the market in the 2019! 


  1. Peace and Harmony to all

Build a happy and motivated sales and marketing team by getting them all aligned around a shared goal. Make sure each employee understands what is expected of them and works together to reach their target. 


Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). Put a process in place and get a common understanding about being transparent and accountable. This is a gift that is fun the whole family can share! 


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  1. A frictionless business 

Moving towardsa better prospect/client experience. Create a memorable and even unique approach to how clients are found, onboarded, treated and retained. Give the gift of a marketing, sales and service automation system this Christmas and make the new year a good one! 

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  1. An efficient sales team  

Recent research* has found that sales people typically spend less than a third of their day actually selling. Cut out the dross, the transactional and the mundane. Allow the sales force to spend less time doing administration and repeating tasks and instead concentrating on what they love doing - selling and earning commission!  


  1. Total visibility  

The holy grail of presents – Secret Source Advisory is sure to put a smile on any boss’s face. See how the company is perceived and how it compares against the competition and get a strategy in place on how to influence this position. Unlike any other gift available on the market that they will receive this year, it has the ability to show what your audience thinks and says about your brand, product/service or relevant market topics/subjects. This not only helps with thought leadership but also strengthens your defensive strategy, by enabling you to protect your brand reputation. Thus allowing your boss to sleep a little bit better in 2019 - and lasts much longer than a cup of cocoa.  


We hope you liked our unique list. If you have any questions about any of the gifts mentioned, even all 5, get in touch on 01522 700266,

e-mail enquiries@secretsourcemarketing.com or fill out your details below. 


(Note: all gifts are for ages 21 and up, have no loose parts to swallow, do not contain nuts, batteries not included) 


Watch out for our New Years Resolutions listing to come! 


*Research from The Aberdeen Group: leandatainc.com 


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Written by Nick Carlson