Three Hacks to Better Productivity

In our always-on, anywhere, anytime, mobile culture, we are constantly trying to find new ways of getting more time. Whilst we may have exactly the same hours in a day as Einstein, Aristotle and Edison, we are dealing with an unprecedented number of priorities and distractions.


One may argue that locking yourself into a windowless room, armed with a candle, notebook and pen, will force unfettered focus. However, even Newton’s greatest discovery was outdoors – possibly having a nap – when an apple fell on him. So how can we make more of the time we have?


Here’s our favourite hacks to clawing back those precious minutes and making them count!


1. Start a ‘Done’ list

Everyone has a to-do list. Throughout the day, more jobs will creep in and disrupt your beautifully ordered day, thus creating the illusion of unproductiveness. Start a second ‘Done’ list; for every task you complete, add it to your list. The dopamine hit you receive when your list grows will boost your productivity (and it’s much more satisfying than crossing things off)!


2. Send more emails

That’s not a typo. Forward important tasks and information to yourself, that way you can filter by your own name. Once you have completed them, hit DEL for that fuzzy feel good feeling!


3. Just stop

If you can’t focus, or you’re having trouble cracking a tricky problem, walk away for ten minutes and start over with a clear mind. Taking a break will help your mind reset and allow you to approach things from a different angle. Your eyes will also thank you for a break.


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Written by Nick Carlson