Successful lead generation

Lead generation for software companies has been turned on its head. Emails and cold calling are less effective and while there's still a place for events that deliver qualified sales leads, your buyers are online and it's where your rivals are and where you need to be.


Less of the wrong marketing tactics to people that don't want your services, and more focus to attract, convert and close buyers that do.


Switching your marketing efforts to inbound marketing rather than outbound email, telesales, events marketing, represents a shift in your marketing strategy, the skills you rely on and how budget is allocated.


However, those that make the shift rarely look back and instead build a healthy and sustainable flow of sales qualified leads into the pipeline. Inbound lead generation is more predictable, when you apply your sales conversions ratios, you can start with the revenue number to hit, and work out the numbers of deals, sales qualified leads, marketing qualified leads, and website visits required to hit the number.


How Inbound Marketing Works

  • Your efforts to get there start with creating the right website structure, content and search optimisation, so you're more likely to be found in search engines by buyers ready to make a purchase.
  • Creating the right content strategy and deploying out to the market to attract, convert and close buyers comes next.
  • Once you have this phase up and running, you can focus on converting the traffic you bring into your site, and benchmark your performance against metrics relevant to your industry.


Inbound marketing requires investment in time and resource, but execute correctly and you will see results in weeks, waste less marketing budget on the wrong activities, and less time on sales following up leads that don't convert.


If you are a CEO, business owner, or sales director and you need to act now, Secret Source are ex-client side senior marketeers with years of experience in lead generation for software companies. Get in touch for an informal discussion on how to improve the quality and quantity of your sales pipeline.

Written by Nick Carlson