Six Reasons to Start Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Today

The changing behaviours of people mean that traditional marketing campaigns such as cold calls, cold emails and snail mail are being tuned out. This disruption in marketing means that customers are opting to seek out the information we need ourselves.


As a result, marketers need to work harder to provide something that their audience will love.


Introducing inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a holistic, data-driven approach to marketing that attracts individuals to your brand and converts them into lasting customers. Although it isn't a new concept, not everyone has adopted the inbound principles when it comes to their marketing strategy. 


As a fundamental shift in the approach to marketing, we have complied five top reasons to start your inbound marketing journey today!


1. Add value.

Traditional marketing is very marketer and company centric. Where customers have previously relied on sales people to gain information regarding a product or service, this is now easily accessible. Rather than push information on to the recipient, inbound marketing identifies where they are in the buyer journey and serves content that is relevant to them at that time. 


2. Build trust.

By creating content that is relevent, customers will see you as a professional and knowledgeable business. This will help to build trust and respect, and will reach out to you when they are ready to close a deal. 


3. Be more effective. 

A cold interaction with a prospect is to generate interest in your product and your brand. Inbound marketing creates that for you, so when a lead reaches out to you, they are much more likely to close and become a customer.


4. Sell faster.

Every communication and every piece of content that a prospect engages with forms a bigger picture. It starts a digital conversation that will free your sales people from making cold calls. 


5. Delight your customers. 

Inbound marketing is more than just lead generation. The continuing availibility of new and relevant content will continue to impress and delight your existing customers, and serve to retain them for longer. 


6. The Data Protection Bill and the GDPR

With the new data privacy regulations require positive consent and over 94% of buyers unsubscribing from emails (HubSpot,2016), it is now imperative to be customer-centric and have the right content available to them, wherever they need it.



Inbound marketing is all about content and context. It is true multi-channel marketing. It accounts for where people are, and how they want to interact with you. Get started on your inbound marketing journey today and see how you can super-charge your marketing efforts. 



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Written by Nick Carlson