How much does it cost to design a new website?

Whether you're tired of your existing website, outgrown the site, or maybe the company is moving in a different direction. Whatever the reason, the decision to design and develop a new website is an important one. If unchecked, a new website project can run and run, so it is important to consider the times and costs involved in building a new website. The below article might help;

The cost of designing a new website can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors, such as the complexity of the website, the number of pages, the level of customization required, and the experience and expertise of the web designer.

On the lower end, a simple website with a few pages and a basic design could cost a few hundred pounds, while a more complex website with custom graphics, animations, and a content management system could cost several thousand pounds. So working with a partner that can help give you a clear idea on the strategy for your new website will be an important first step. 

In addition to the initial design cost, you should also consider ongoing costs such as web hosting, domain registration, and website maintenance. These costs can vary depending on your specific needs and the provider you choose. Consider;

  • Sitemap - As a guide, website design and build agencies will take into consideration the time taken to design and build your new site based on the number of pages. This isn't always the case, for example, a site may have straightforward templated pages versus one page within your new website that can have an intricate design and take more time to design, develop and test. 
  • Cheaper isn't necessarily better - You've most likely heard the term, buy cheap - pay twice? Cheap websites may not necessarily help your business to attract or retain new clients. The reverse is also true, with an expensive costing website not necessarily offering you all you need. A reputable website and design company should want to work alongside you and give you what you need, as well as looking to a build a long-lasting relationship with you and your business. 
  • There are many free website builders and platforms available, such as WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace, that allow you to create a basic website for free or for a low cost. However, if you need custom features or a more complex website, you may need to hire a professional web developer, which can seem more expensive, but can save you time in the long run.
  • Additionally, ongoing costs such as domain registration, and maintenance should also be considered. These costs can vary depending on the web hosting provider and the level of service required.
  • Don't re-invent the wheel - If you don't have to. There might be elements of your existing site that you or your customer like or perform really well, and so consider these into the costs of a new site. 
  • Cost of total cost of ownership - Consider the hosting and maintenance of your new site, as well as tools that your new site will have to connect to in order to be successful. [Enquire for more details]
  • Time - This is also a cost to your business, choose a partner that can help manage the design, build and go-live elements. A partner who can show you their process and people involved in taking a new site from concept to go-live.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of different web design companies and freelancers in the marketplace around the world (as you don't necessarily need to have them 'in-country'). However, we advise that any new website design these days need to truly consider your marketplace, audience and partners. For this reason, it is best to partner with a web design+build agency that have the commercial acumen to help steer you down the right path and challenge you when necessary. You will want a good-looking site, but an important factor is a new website that will perform and guide your visitors, from new to repeat users, through your site. It is also useful to have a good relationship with your agency and know that they will pick up the phone or jump on a conference call when needed. Using agencies like Secret Source offer more confidence because they will have the tools and people in place to project manage your new website, as well as the software and processes to quality asses your site and help it to go live successfully. The cost of designing a new website will depend on your unique needs and requirements, so try to avoid cheap offers where web templates are being used or with no clear opinion regarding search engine optimisation or the use of complementary website tools that you might need later down the line.

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Written by Nick Carlson