National Clean Out Your Computer Day

While we all agree that you should clear off your devices more than once a year! National Clean Out Your Computer Day gives us all the excuse to take some time out of the day (or week) to give your laptop, device a new lease of life! Here are 12 things you can do to keep your laptop and/or smart device healthy. 


1. Clear off your desktop 

Simple one to start with! De-clutter your Desktop. Why not set up some simple folders and then start to categorise all your loose documents and drag them into the folders. Then save these folders to a secure area in a secure cloud storage area like Office 365. Use this opportunity to clear off any unwanted documents and drag them to your recycle bin.  Remember to empty your recycle bin at the end of this exercise. This way you will get rid of any wanted data storage clogging up your machine. 

2. Browsing Data

It is amazing how much is stored in a day from internet searches. Multiply that over the month/year, and it takes its toll on your laptop. So simply, go to settings on your laptop and clear off your browsing history. Use this opportunity to clear off any Bookmarks or Favourites sites that you never visit. 


3. Change your password

You should do this regularly, but use the opportunity to change passwords. Delete any previously stored passwords that you no longer use. 


4. unsubscribe

All those emails about all the things you were going to get around to read, but never did.  They clog up your inbox every day, week, year. Why not invest the time to Unsubscribe. Because of GDPR, companies should take you off their mailing lists if you ask, or they should offer you a preference and so you can request less of them each month. 

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5. Disk Clean Up 

Type into your Desktop search bar 'Disk Clean Up' and open the App that will help. Watch your laptop shed the pounds and become light and fast. 


6. Use your crm

If you have a SaaS CRM Solution then use it.  Save sales and marketing information relating to a customer, prospect or partner record onto your sales/marketing CRM, it will then be in one place and free up your machine. If you need advice on a CRM solution, then why not get in touch with Secret Source who have a dedicated CRM and Automation Team, we can advise on what is the best solution for your business. 

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7. shared documents

Ensure that any shared documents are also removed and this will help speed up your laptop. 


8. archive your emails

If you are the type of person that keeps emails just in case, or you use email as a filing system? Then use the National Clean Up Your Computer Day as your chance to get rid of any obsolete or super ceded emails. Depending on your industry, ask yourself why you should keep this information anyway? Saying goodbye to all those unnecessary emails will help your machine and might even make you feel better. 


9. uninstall applications

A spring clean, will speed up your machine.  Delete any Apps you haven't used for months, you can always download them again later if you really need them. Repeat this process with your phone, device, laptop. We all need to do this exercise regularly as new Apps come online.


10. Defragementation

'Defrag' your laptop after you have completed all the steps above i.e.moved, deleted and saved your data/documents. Type in the words Defragmentation into your desktop search function to find the Application.  What this will do is organise all your data spread across your desktop/laptop. Select and run the operation and let Defrag do its thing! 



11. Use it or lose it!

It is advisable to always check documents before you delete them. If you haven't needed them over the last 24 months, then will you ever refer to the email again? Use National Clean Up Your Computer Day to be as brutal as you can with old files and folders. Critical business information should not be stored on your computer anyway, so check to make sure that your laptop is clear on any local hard drives or hidden in folders. There is help at hand if you don't have time, companies like  will help review all your business systems and be able to advise you on best practice for continuity, backup and compliance. 


12. finally 

Use the opportunity of National Clean Out Your Computer Day to clear off your mobile phone or tablet. Your phone and tablet can hold thousands of photos and documents, which slows it down as well as increases your security risk, with more information available for hackers to use. So take some time out to shed the data. 


Don't wait till next year for National Clean Out Your Computer Day to give your laptop, phone or device a helping hand. Instead, get some time in your diary, and that of your team, to carry out 1-12 as a regular exercise on top of your daily data management routine and processes. Why not book it in your diaries now? #CleanOutYourComputerDay


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Written by Nick Carlson