Why furloughed Storm Troopers make ideal workers!

robert-alves-de-jesus-ZzClBJhLTmM-unsplashWith even the Death Star on 'lockdown', there is little need for Storm Troopers to patrol the Universe.

So, many are finding alternative temporary jobs. Recent interviews with Storm Troopers reveal why they make the ideal choice for alternative duties during the lockdown.


1. They already come with their own facemasks


 – admittedly, they have nothing else in their wardrobe, so the helmet and PPE comes as standard.

2. They make ideal delivery drivers, preferring to use speeders instead of mopeds, so Amazon, Deliveroo, Just Eat etc. take note.

3. Fruit picking! It is very hard for a Storm Trooper to sneak the odd delicious strawberry as they go because they risk having to take their helmet off first and getting caught!

5. Easily cleaned armour - spray clean after dirty jobs and no need for a uniform.

4. They are ideal for guarding duties at tourist sites, parks and venues to free up our police and emergency services. They have many years of practice across the Galaxy just guarding stuff, "Move along, move along".

However, there are some drawbacks, that Secret Source can foresee: 


1. They are easily influenced by Jedi or anyone who possess the force, it appears
2. Their aim is atrocious and couldn’t hit a barn door from 5 metres away, so they are probably not the best hire for any roles that require accuracy.
3. They look the same and sound the same so you wouldn't know who’s who. Name tags may be required.
4. They do need a little training before being deployed as delivery drivers because they tend to shout at customers on their doorstep: “Open up in there!!” Or “Open the blast doors, close the blast doors!”


Get involved, please leave a comment on what other alternative jobs you think would be suitable for Storm Troopers? 

Stay safe out there and 'May the fourth' be with you!

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 Happy may 4th


Written by Nick Carlson