Hubspot users are only using between 20-30% of the capabilities within Hubspot!

We're an East Midlands Hubspot partner covering Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Northampton and Leicestershire. We’ve been a successful Hubspot partner for over four years now. Many of us at Secret Source have been users of CRM systems for 20+ years. During that time we have seen CRM solutions come and go, or get acquired. We’ve seen the birth of marketing automation systems and, more recently, the emergence of sales automation and service automation systems. We started off just onboarding clients using Hubspot. We were very confident that our Hubspot clients were getting most out of their system. This showed and, in many examples, our clients owed a contribution of their growth to having a clear sales and marketing pipeline, clear goals and a focus in their inbound strategy and deal process. Having this coherent strategy led to healthy sales and marketing alignment. Hubspot sales and marketing automation systems aided clients to demonstrate their sales pipeline that even led to further investment or even acquisition and mergers. Life was good!


However, when we branched out with dealing with existing Hubspot users, we found a different story!


With existing users, we started to come across comments like;
“We used to use Hubspot but got rid of it.”
“We never used Hubspot correctly.”
“Hubspot, it didn’t do...”

Or worse still,

“We found it too complicated”
“Hubspot is too expensive.”

How was this so?!

This presented us with a challenge. From our experience, surely Hubspot CRM should have offered a return in investment by now?

What we discovered when talking to companies using, or past users of Hubspot was that they were only using a proportion of what Hubspot is capable of? Between 20-30% of the functionality was being accessed, depending on what they signed up to. We found that this was predominantly down to the fact that Hubspot had not being on-boarded or integrated correctly or simply that users just hadn’t realised, been shown or invested the time into what Hubspot could do. We soon found that Secret Source were able to assist existing Hubspot users from sales, marketing and business owners to help realign their goals and what Hubspot could actually offer them. The result was happy Hubspot users!

Hubspot CRM and automation is a software as a service tool (SaaS). As a result it is continually evolving –  new features, new Hubspot user interface, enhanced functionality. It is a living, breathing solution. As a result, users have to evolve with it. We’ve discovered that what Secret Source viewed as a benefit, was frustrating for Hubspot others. So we now assist Hubspot users by helping them get the most out of their investment.

We’re on a mission! To ensure Hubspot users get the most out of their Hubspot investment!

Making sure that from a company, group/department and individual level, users of Hubspot understand how each can benefit from the solution. Hubspot CRM and automation is simple to use, versatile and can offer tons of value...if you work to understand what is on offer.  This is where Secret Source can help. 

If you are struggling with Hubspot or have a feeling that you may not be getting the most out of your investment, then the Secret Source team might have the answer.

We will run a virtual Hubspot workshop for any company, no matter where you are based, who believe that they can do more with their current Hubspot investment and want to find out how.

Contact us to book your FREE 30-minute Hubspot MOT.  To use the MOT analogy, we’ll put your CRM on the ramp, take a look and give you a no obligation assessment.

However, If you are thinking of embarking on a new Hubspot journey, then get in touch and we can start you on the right path.


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Written by Nick Carlson