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4 Reasons Why Salespeople Are Using Sales Automation Tools

Hate admin, but love winning deals? Sales Enablement is all about helping your sales teams (see article for definition) and using sales automation tools is one way of achieving this.  Sales automation tools or solutions, have been around for a while, and they keep evolving. If you are not using them, then your competition might well be! To help increase your time with the prospect, customer or business partner channel, check out four reasons why Secret Source are seeing more people switch to sales automation software.


1. More Efficient

Salespeople can have email templates ready to use at the different stages of the sales cycle. Rather than re-writing blocks of text, instead carefully scripted emails give the reader the right information, deployed at the right time. Time spent beforehand can add colour, images, icons, page breaks and calls to action, to differentiate your email from the next. A salesperson’s time is then better spent on making sure the communication talks to the recipient directly (see personalisation below). What’s more, the practice of measuring the success of communications can be shared among your colleagues. This not only helps with sales, marketing and other departmental alignment but also gets results quicker.


Sales Automation


2. Getting Personal

Using well constructed, thought-out communications that can then be personalised to suit the person, marketplace and current situation. Sales automation tools can monitor the engagement with the communication or attachment sent or downloaded by your audience. Salespeople can then use these alerts to help them make contact to the right people in a timely fashion. A sales professional then focus on the recipients who have engaged with their communication, they can use sales automation tools to focus their attention on the hottest of prospects.


Sales Automation


3. Improved Salesperson and Prospect Relationship

Building rapport is important for any salesperson. Using live chat on your website can eliminate back and forth on emails or missed calls. It can get the prospect to the right place in your business in minutes. The prospect can even pick a date in your diary, empowering the visitor and fitting you around their time, resulting in more meetings booked.


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4. Reduced Admin For Sales

Stop admin and start selling! Sales automation tools are often the first tool a salesperson switches on in the morning and the last thing they switch off before they punch out. Sales Automation tools can actually help a sales professional with their tasks and activities as well as managing their pipeline.


Sales Automation


Swap The Admin For Won Deals!

Features and Benefits of Sales Automation Tools; 

  • Email sequencing – Carefully queued up emails reduce admin and  improves consistency
  • Personalisation tokens - 
  • Live chat - Help your prospect as early on as possible
  • Measuring success of messaging - Find out what is working and share with the team!
  • Alerts for opened emails or attachments
  • Calendar booking – Manage meetings
  • Click to call features
  • Track your pipeline
  • Manage tasks and reminders
  • Document Sharing - Connectivity to the rest of the team
  • Connect prospects with your web presence - educate, nurture and convert
  • Connect prospects with your socials - keep them engaged, build your community
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Meaningful Reporting - Data at your fingertips

…and the list keeps on growing.


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Written by Nick Carlson