How Do You Like Your Tea?


A great cuppa is about the right combination of brewing time, sugar and milk. Marketing is no different. From understanding your available tools and ingredients to knowing what your customer needs, getting the perfect combination of tactics will help you to achieve your objectives and grow your pipeline. 

Tea.pngYour tools and ingredients

Using the correct combination of digital and traditional marketing will set you apart from your competition. Maximise the opportunities available to you by increasing market awareness and visibility using digital channels, and develop personal relationships through the traditional marketing. Selecting the right tools will help you to build trust and deep rooted understanding of new prospects and existing clients.

Delivery and timing

It’s not just vanity. Just as you know straight away when your cuppa isn’t quite right, your audience needs to be able to identify the benefits of your organisation can bring to them straight away. Deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. 

Getting it right

Having a process in place identifies the areas that require fine tuning to getting the perfect combination of research, tactics and deployment. The Source-In Plan will help you identify and develop a marketing strategy that will grow your pipeline, build your brand and achieve your objectives.



Written by Nick Carlson