Are You 'That Guy' at The Party?

Have you ever been at a party, and been stuck with ‘that guy’ who won’t stop talking about themselves? Although we are polite, nod our heads and feign interest, we will also dive at any opportunity to walk away and warn your friends to steer clear!

So why is it any different when it comes to B2B marketing?

Looking at both your own and your competitors’ efforts, including websites, collateral and pitch materials, are they narcissistic and ‘all about me’?

Boasting about accolades and awards, showing off the biggest wins and latest projects; would this encourage you to stay?

The constant reaffirmation that you’re the right choice, and there is no need to look elsewhere, is no different to the guy that keeps offering you his homemade guacamole because ‘my secret ingredient makes it unbelievably addictive’. The fact that he’s made it for the rich and the famous doesn’t make you more inclined to try it, nor will having six offices in four continents make you want to engage with a software provider.

Or, does your content and messaging invite discussion and dialogue?

As well as the guy that everyone wants to avoid at the party, because he just won’t stop talking about himself, there’s also the other guy. The other guy is the one that everyone is trying to find, and everyone wants a piece of him.

Why? He’s engaging, he takes the time to ask you questions and wants to know more about you. You discover shared interests and common ground. You feel a connection and a friendship developing.

He listens, and introduces you to other guests that he feels you’ll get on with based on the information you’ve shared. Before you know it, you’re swapping telephone numbers, email addresses and making plans to go for a drink with friends.

Be engaging and share your experiences

Your business is no different. Don’t let your brand become ‘that guy’. To be the guy that everyone wants to talk to, here are a few things to consider while reflecting on your own marketing activities.

1. Take your time.

You don’t need to disclose everything about yourself straight away; build the relationship over time and your audience will find more value in what you share. Learn about how they got there, and what they’ve tried before. Understand the bigger picture and share how you’ve helped other clients in a similar position.
2. Stand out for the right reasons.

Be true to yourself and your brand to build your reputation as a company people enjoy engaging with. Be proud of your achievements, and share these when it is appropriate. Show your personality, and have the confidence to start a dialogue!  
3. Be genuinely interested.

Referring back to facts and anecdotes that people have told you previously indicates that you have a genuine interest, and that you have been listening! The same applies to marketing efforts; not only should you personalise campaigns and messaging based on previous activity, your CRM will be a source of every interaction you’ve had both online and offline.

Written by Nick Carlson