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For any CEO, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations Director or Business Owner, the world is changing. Business leaders require a better grip on their business development activities, from prospect to customer and beyond.  So, is now the right time to consider re-examining your Sales CRM software?

If you are the type of business leader that likes to;

  • Have clear visibility regards your target market
  • Empower your employees and get the best from them
  • Have confidence in the quality of your communications
  • Trust that your business have consistency in the way it communicates to prospects, customers and partners
  • Understand the pipeline for opportunities, closed deals and customer retention.

Here are just 8 good reasons why using HubSpot might be a good idea for your business.

1. One Pane Of Glass! 

One solution that can become the hub for your Sales, Marketing and Service delivery, then HubSpot can help achieve this. With features to help your business measure and control the output, quality and consistency in all your sales and marketing communication, both outgoing and incoming. The Secret Source dedicated HubSpot Team are helping companies improve the quality and quantity of communications. 
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2. Stranger - Customer - Promoter! 

Truly understand your audience, by helping your marketplace understand why they should work with you and your business. Take them on a journey of education, engagement, nurturing, conversion, 

Hubspot flywheeleven encouraging them to promote your business to other prospective clients! HubSpot SaaS, sales CRM and automation software can help you engage and track an interested opportunity from their initial interest right the way through to transaction and beyond (see RevOps Model). Secret Source Marketing are helping sales and marketing professionals review their entire customer journey, finding areas where they can differentiate from their competition. (Read 'Why Your Business Needs Wow Moments'). By using HubSpot, you can truly start creating an Inbound Journey. 

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3. Sales & Marketing Alignment 

Ensure that your sales and marketing professionals are accountable for real results, whilst also understanding how they can help each other, by using one system as opposed to specialist, disparate systems. Adoption is high with HubSpot CRM because of its full suite of features, but also due to its integration with other business systems and solutions that you might already use.  


4. Time

One of the biggest challenges and common enemy for millions of sales and marketing professionals is time! HubSpot will provide improved efficiency by utilising templated emails, email workflows, helpful tools, and features enabling your employees to become more effective in their daily roles. The HubSpot Sales Hub, will save salespeople time because they won't have to rework content, but rather using features like 'Snippets' to help them insert relevant and useful content when they need it. HubSpot can also track readership and engagement, so continual improvements can be made. (Read 'Make More Sales Deals, Not More Sales Admin!'

5. Integration With Other Business Critical Solutions

HubSpot has one of the most integrations of any CRM and Automation tool available! Therefore, businesses can still use the data required in solutions, like finance software and invoicing. HubSpot will also help replace the need for unconnected systems, like chat tools, email tools and even ticketing tools where relevant. This will in turn help to reduce the cost and the time taken to maintain other software solutions. Secret Source have been known to help reduce the overheads of a company whilst carrying out our tech stack audits, book one today if required Here.


6. The Cost! 

HubSpot will grow as your business grows. The HubSpot sales and marketing CRM has been cleverly thought out to cater from start-up to enterprise sized businesses, across different verticals. Taking into account your growth trajectory, HubSpot sales and marketing automation can scale up as well as down, as to suit the needs of your business. The often unrecorded costs of your employees' time working through contact records, cleaning data or ineffective communications is detrimental to your business. By having everything in one place, and your data being worked more effectively can improve its quality and visibility, HubSpot CRM will actually save more opportunity cost in the long run. The Secret Source HubSpot Team are working with clients to use their CRM and Automation tools to help save time and money. 

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7. Field Sales To Inside Sales

These days, many new business field and account sales professionals find themselves fixed to home offices. Armed with conference calling tools as one of their main sources of communication, they crave having useful content to engage with their audience. With neat tools like tasks and follow-up prompts, HubSpot has enabled sales professionals to manage their day better, whilst sales managers have become more effective in helping their teams. HubSpot will help with your digital transformation journey and transition from only outbound sales and marketing activities to a proactive inbound journey. 


8. Adoption

Finally, one of the largest contributors to your investment into a new CRM is adoption, i.e. will it be used enough to offer return on investment? Introducing something new or unfamiliar is one of the most common reasons why companies do not decide to switch to a new CRM solution. Because HubSpot is an intuitive system for sales and marketing professionals to use, then people with different technical abilities can use it. HubSpot has to be one of the easiest systems to access and use on the market today. HubSpot also includes a comprehensive library of self-help content in different formats, from written guides to quick 'How To' videos, which are all included and available to the user. HubSpot educational content can be accessed 24/7, demonstrating best practice with useful insights for sales, marketing, service and your senior leadership. HubSpot will convert even the most stalwart salesperson into an avid user, because it can help them understand their customer better. When sales, service and account managers can actually see in real time, who is engaging with what activity, they can invest their time more wisely to close more deals! If you wished to set up a free HubSpot demo, our specialists can give you a personal tour. Book your session here. 

Free 30 Mins Consultation! 

Finally - 8 Reasons Why Using HubSpot Might Be A Good Idea!

There are many more reasons why HubSpot might be a good fit for your business, so why not book a free 30-minute consultation with a dedicated Secret Source HubSpot Specialist, who will discuss what you are looking to achieve in your business and work out what tech stack would be most suitable. 



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